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Volume Zero, RE-School Architecture Competition

Site Location: Boura Department, Burkina Faso, Africa

Year: 2018 

Team of 3 group project

The school are designed to accommodate a capacity of 200 students from the age group of 5 to 11 years. These spaces are also function as an interactive space for the local community post school hours. The chosen site is located at Boura Department where education is inaccessble.

Influence strives to promote healthy community growth through a gradual release model that aims to find intersections between
academics and crucial skills per training to the students’lives. There is a focus on finite skills; the ability to develop concepts of print, phonemic awareness, phonics and the alphabetical code at a young age.


As they grow older there is a focus on furthering lifelong skills of literacy such as comprehension and vocabulary development. The pen-pal program will help strengthen skills of reading and literacy. Math and science will pertain directly to the independent studies of s k i l l s. Through fishing, farming and creation the curriculum will cultivate the intersections between all subject areas and skills necessary for the growth of the community.

The classrooms with different discipline are designed according to their traditional patterns, composing by simple geometric shape which are very easy for children to recognize in sectional way.

Due to the high temperature from local environment, the classroom's are lifted and cut with traditional pattern for sun penetration and ventilation.

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